The dua collection combines ideas from
name designers, who each have their own
concepts of thinking and working.
Experimentation and research are one of
the central themes of the dua collec-
tion. The products are developed accor-
ding to the needs and personal freedom
of the individual designers. Guided by
Alexander Esslinger, owner and CEO of
dua, these designs are progressed and
made available to the market. We coope-
rate with our broadly based network –
the dua connection.

It is composed of designers, architect,
craftsmen, small manufactories, photo-
graphers and graphic designers. We
manufacture all products of the dua
collection with our partners in
industry and trade in small series.
For this we combine modern, computer-
based processes with craftsmanship.
Unorthodox solutions, durable materials
and a high degree of functionality and
quality are features of our prducts.