dua, the mediator between disciplines.

dua stand for variety.

the opinions and prospects of the members of dua are manifold.

dua is attentive for these opinions and defines itself through them.

this reliance implies that dua progresses with the constant development of the views on design.

dua makes room for leeways.

dua realises a variety of projects with name designers.

dua is a guarantee of quality. Quality of design, quality of fabrication.

dua has a broadly based network: dua connection.

the dua connection is a composition of experts to their particular discipline.

dua and its connection realise individual solutions with skilled ambitions.

dua stands for holistic consideration.

dua offers methods of resolution for the everyday life.

dua's aim is the creation of sustained products. and with sustainability we mean longevity and timelessness.

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team philosophy
team philosophy
team philosophy

team philosophy

design vs. economy
industry vs. manual work
company vs. laboratory
art vs. industry
hand vs. brain